Identifying the right property is just the beginning when investing in commercial real estate, Harris Commercial Real Estate Services is able to provide superior Buyer Representation through four important steps:

  • Initial consultation. We will discuss and determine your needs and establish short and long term goals.
  • Market search. This search often includes properties that are not publicly listed, but rather investigated based upon established relationships and market knowledge, as well as suitable properties that may not be for sale but are targeted and investigated to determine potential for purchase.
  • Investigation and performance analysis. Once properties are selected, we analyze and conduct a value determination to assess the range of value for the property. Following this assessment of value, a critical step is the formulation of a target purchase price as well as an opening offer amount suitable to meet this target.
  • Escrow. A very critical step is the legal, physical, and title investigation during the escrow period. Our experience puts us in the position to identify potential issues that are, or may become, liabilities or impediments to the success of your investment.

Harris Commercial Real Estate Services has the aim of establishing a long-term relationship with you by building trust and providing results. We look forward to playing a key role in achieving your real estate goals.

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