Finding and securing the right space is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your business. Your space is one of the biggest expenses, and biggest assets, your business will have. Harris Commercial Real Estate Services breaks down the process of this key component of your business into several key areas:

  • Initial consultation. Analysis of your business model, budget, specific needs, and growth plans allows us to better understand your business in order to focus our efforts effectively in our search.
  • Site Selection/Identification of potential locations. This includes properties that may not be actively for lease but are known to us to be potentially available, or soon to be available.
  • Tour. Comprehensive touring to investigate the suitability of each potential location.
  • Negotiation of lease terms. Upon deciding on a location, we will provide specific guidance and advice on lease terms to ensure that nothing is left on the negotiation table.
  • Coordination of occupancy. Following the successful execution of a lease, we coordinate any improvements that are required as well as the transfer of possession of your new space to you.

Harris Commercial Real Estate Services has unmatched knowledge of market areas, market conditions, and lease terms to assure that every potential location is identified, and that the best possible agreement is obtained. Harris Commercial Real Estate Services has the aim of establishing a long-term relationship with you by building trust and providing results. We look forward to playing a key role in achieving your real estate goals.

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